Sherpao urges Pakhtuns to get united for their rights

PESHAWAR: Pakhtuns are passing through a very critical time of history and if they did not get united wrong policies of the rulers would push them in to further crisis, said Pakistan People’s Party- Sherpao (PPP-S) Chairman Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao.He said this while addressing a public gathering at Sowari Buner the other day. PML-N, Jammat-e-Islami and ANP leaders including Said Amer Zeb, Mohammad Zareen Bacha, Usman Khan, Salman Bacha, Sher Haleem and Taj Ustad along with their families and scores of supporters announced to join PPP-S on this occasion.
Sherpao said the rulers had gotten votes from Pakhtun in the name of peace and prosperity but after entering the power corridors they forgot the people. He maintained that these elements could not come up to the expectations of the Pakhtuns. He said Pakhtuns are now in great hardships as the flawed policies of the government had badly affected them. He said since the so-called champions of Pakhtun had betrayed their trust therefore these elements would have to face humiliating defeat in the next elections. He said there was a marked contradiction in the words and deeds of these people and they had lost credibility in the public.He expressed grave concern over the inflated prices of petroleum products, gas, electricity and essential commodities, saying that the prices of these items had been increased to please IMF.He deplored that the rulers had no independent and liberal economic policy but the dictates of the IMF were being followed which had destroyed the purchasing power of the layman – Dailytimes