Millions looted for immigration by British company

ISLAMABAD: Millions of rupees have been looted on the name of providing job, business opportunity and immigration from educated Pakistani youth by the British company in collaboration with National Bank of Pakistan.British Firm named First Click Limited, five months in his advertisement published in newspapers offered immigration, jobs, and business opportunity to youth for which they have been asked to fill forms worth Rs. 4 thousand available at National Bank of Pakistan.

Company assured the participants of the scheme that they would get the response in five to eight weeks but no response has been seen yet while National Bank also canceled its contract with the British firm. Ironically the said British firm has no set up in Pakistan and made millions without giving nothing.It has also been learnt that no approval has been taken for the contract from National Bank , State Bank of Pakistan’s board of directors. After contacting the media advisor of NB, Qazi Wahab, he told that contract with the British firm has been done under ordinary rules and Bank receive service charges as well as Bank fee for that purpose.He said that only 64 forms have been sold but refuse to tell the name of authority that approved this contract with the British company. The youth applied for the scheme are of the view that thousands of forms have been purchased throughout the country for the said schemey  – Onlinenews