25 faint by gas leakage in Kharadar’s school in Karachi

KARACHI: At least 25 people, including children and women, fainted by generator’s gas leakage in a private school of Kharadar on Thursday.According to media reports, during load shedding, a private school of Kahardar, J.Q. Academy, turned its gas generator on. After some time all building suffocated with the gas leakage from the generator.Due to the suffocation, 18 students and seven female teachers fainted inside the school. The rescue teams rushed to the scene and shifted all faint children and teachers to the nearby hospital, where all victims recovered after receiving first aid.According to a student and a teacher, after a recent repair that generator was started first time and gas started to leak from it; consequently students of junior classes and their teachers suffered badly – Onlinenews