British charity preparing plans for post-flood reconstruction in Pakistan

LONDON: A leading British charity is in the process of drawing up long term plans for the post-flood reconstruction in Pakistan to rehabilitate the destroyed infrastructure and assist people in standing up on their feet at the earliest.Speaking at a news conference, Chairman, Muslim Aid, Sir Iqbal Sacranie said he plans to visit Pakistan soon to look at the rescue and relief work done by the charity in different flood hit areas.He said the plans being drawn up will also look into the possibilities of sponsoring village through construction of brick and mortar homes complete with amenities including school and dispensary to help people resume their normal lives.“We are at the moment trying to identify villages where such a support would be required,” he added.The head of the international relief and development organisation based in East London said Muslim Aid has already made emergency allocation of twenty thousand pounds to control dengue fever and other viral diseases in Pakistan resulting from floods.Sir Iqbal said the organisation has been working in close co operation with the Pakistan Government in providing relief and succour to the flood victims. He noted that one way of helping the flood affected people was through micro financing to assist them in setting up small businesses.

He also referred to his recent visit to Bangladesh which is the third largest recipient of assistance being provided by the charity in areas of education, health, nutrition, micro finance, agriculture livelihood and food security.Sir Iqbal said during his three-day visit he also met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and discussed Muslim Aid’s commitment to poverty eradication in Bangladesh. He said the organisation was also helping the country in tackling changes from global warming through plantation of mangroves along its southern coast – App