Punjab industrialists furious

LAHORE :The manufacturers and trade bodies representatives have said discrimination in gas supply will push the Punjab industry to the wall, as the industrial sector is already facing huge problems owing to electricity shortage, high input cost, high mark-up and deteriorating law & order situation. They called for continuous supply of gas to all the industrial areas in Punjab as is being done in the other provinces.Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) has rejected suspension of three-day gas supply and new schedule of loadshedding in the country, and stated that it would create unemployment and unrest in workers across the country.In a meeting held on Wednesday, the PAAPAM managing committee has expressed its distress over the decision by the SNGPL to suspend gas supply to the auto industry which will ultimately hit exports and supply chain of cars, tractors and motorcycles. Chairing the meeting, PAAPAM Chairman Aamir A Allawia lamented that the auto vending industry was low profile business and do not make hue and cry on each and every issue and faces stress on its own sources but cutting of its energy sources tantamount to circumvent its pace.PAAPAM Vice Chairman Syed Nabeel Hashmi said that prolonged load shedding would worsen the worries of cash strapped fund managers due to revenue shortfall in addition to countrywide unrest resulting from large-scale lay-off. He stressed early reversal of the decision-keeping wheel of the industry rolling – Nation