Intellectuals, activists felicitate Asma Jehangir

ISLAMABAD : Islamabad-based writers, intellectuals, human rights activists and educators have felicitated Mohtarma Asma Jehangir on her election as the first woman President of the Supreme Court Bar Association ( SCBA) with this optimism that her election will usher in the Bar into an era of intellectualization and revolutionary changes.A gathering in connection with celebration of Asma Jehangirs’ victory was arranged under the auspices of Pakistan Intellectual Forum ( PIF) Islamabad, in which a considerable number of writers, intellectuals, human rights educators and campaigners participated and spoke about her wisdom and vision.Noted author Dr. Khadim Hussain Soomro, Chairman, Sindh Sufi institute, Karachi said that her victory was the victory of light, enlightenment and human rights in the country.“I have seen people belonging to all strata of society including writers, journalists, lawyers, women activists and even common man in the province of Sindh celebrating her victory. These celebrations over brave woman’s victory mark respect, reverence and love the people of Sindh have for her person” Soomro maintained.Asad Mungrani, intellectual from Balochistan said that the best people were like the streetlights along the roads, they did not make the distance short but journey safe and secure, so in the same manner, with her victory towards stabilization of Pakistan and its institutions will become quick and a fact of life.Hashim Abro of the PIF said that Asma Jehangir was the voice of deprived and denied people and genuine friend of people of those whose rights were violated or snatched.

“She has always been in the vanguard to safeguard interests and rights of the common man; she has been always in the front to promote human rights respect in the country ,hence, people respect and love her from Karachi to Kashmir” Abro maintained.Abro paid tribute to the enlightened legal fraternity for their wisdom and choice to elect such a forward looking and visionary person, indeed, world class intellectual and human rights activist as the first woman President of the Supreme Court Bar Association.“The nascent democracy in the country and the state institutions badly need people of her stature for harmonious relationships, improved working, equilibrium and stability in the country” Abro opined.Sounding his optimism Asmatullah Khan from Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa said that the newly elected President would initiate revolutionary changes in the working and strategy of this august body. “ It is believed that she will intellectualize the Supreme Court Bar and the SCBA has to emerge as the ” bank of brilliant legal intellectuals brains” in the country and in the South Asia – Sananews