62 more Dengue cases detected

LAHORE : As many as 62 new cases of dengue fever were reported in the provincial capital and one in Okara during the last 24 hours.According to spokesman of Punjab Health Department, 15 cases of dengue fever were reported from Sir Ganga Ram hospital, three each from Lahore General Hospital and Govt Nawaz Sharif Hospital Yakki Gate, four from Institute of Public Health, one from Post Graduate Medical Institute, 18 from City District Govt dispensary, and 18 cases from private hospitals and clinics.The total number of dengue patients has risen to 807 in Punjab and 689 in Lahore.Pakistan Council of Herbal Physicians Secretary General Hakeem Qazi MA Khalid has said that the masses should not be afraid of dengue fever as dengue virus is curable and the patient can recuperate in two weeks with proper treatment and care.According to a hand out, he said the most fatal cases were dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock fever, though the ratio of these cases was 3 to 5 percent but proper care was important. Qazi Khalid said that according to Herbal System of Medicine honey was the best cure for dengue fever.He prescribed that one spoon honey mixed in lukewarm water thrice a day as precautionary measure for dengue virus – Dailymailnews