Nawaz Sharif calls for national accord to strengthen democracy

LONDON:Urging all political forces to sink their personal differences, PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif Sunday stressed on a national accord setting out Pakistan’s vision for the next 25 years based on strengthening democracy and institutions and economic reforms.Addressing a news conference in Goodmayes, East London, this afternoon, the PML-N leader was hopeful that his suggestion would be acceptable to all the political parties who he added must come together to help the country out of its current political and economic problems.Calling it Meesaq-e-Pakistan (Accord on Pakistan), he said this was best solution to his mind of taking the country out of host of challenges facing it.“We should all work together to make a strong Pakistan that enjoys respect in the comity of nations,” he said adding that this accord should cover all the aspects of national life including foreign policy, Kashmir issue, economic reforms, respect of constitution, human rights, independent judiciary and other matters that addresses the current ills.
Explaining further, Sharif said all parties should agree to this 25-year vision of making Pakistan a progressive and developed country. He traced the political developments since 2008 general elections and spoke of his party acceptance of mandate of all the parties elected to the national parliament but expressed disappointment over certain aspects of policies being pursued by Islamabad.Sharif reiterated that President Asif Ali Zardari is a constitutionally elected President and PML-N was ready to work for the promotion and consolidation of democracy in the country.
He was of the view that the democracy in Pakistan was in danger and it was imperative to fortify it through measures that enjoy popular support. Sharif called for holding to account all those who usurped the constitution, arrested members of higher judiciary and killed Baluchistan politician Nawab Akbar Bugti.The PML-N leader called for the fulfilment of all commitments under Charter of Democracy signed in the course of the All Parties Conference held in London in 2007.Nawaz Sharif expressed his concern over the situation in Karachi and underscored the importance of Government implementing its writ in a forceful manner to stop the ongoing blood shed – App