Every Child is Gifted

“Every child is gifted they just unwrap their packages at  different times”. A class room with thirty students or thirty different intellects, reading same curriculum, in which they study about eight clashing subjects. Pupils have different interest of subjects. A student who loves the magic of colour i.e drawing, does not like the game of atoms in science.
But everyone wants his grades to be best in all subjects, but no one study his psychology even his nurture do not know his mind set. Some illustrations are narrated here i.e a slow learner student, no one persuade  him to work hard instead of that everyone just scold  him and even teachers punish him. Sometimes a student needs attention or love  from his parents and teachers. Diet  and sleep also effect the studies of students i.e unhealthy diet make students physically and mentally weak. They stay home and play video games, they should be motivated for outdoor games. Students who do not have sleep of seven or eight hours usually doze in class rooms.
Terror of unsatisfactory grades stimulate them to cram, then they do not focus on the concepts, which will create trouble in their practical life. Now I am going to terminate the above write-up with guidance, first of all parents should not compare their children with other students, they must let them free to follow their dreams. Schools should arrange extra curricular activities that would provide opportunities for students to express themselves in activities and area depending on their interests, skills and talents. And every school must have psychologist panel for  students and of course there must be counseling as well. Problems may be  personal or linked with family or friends, psychological analysis will definitely give a reason why a student is not learning and help finding a solution and family and teachers must help him in resolving such problems.
Author: Yameen Zaidi