It’s Not Us It’s You

You all know that we live in a society where there are some standards set by the society itself and only if you follow those standards you are acceptable in a society.

It’s not us it’s you
It’s not us it’s you

For instance, a man should have a better job and a good income only then he would be getting a good wife, only the most handsome and the popular guy of the university would get the most beautiful girlfriend, she cannot be a guy’s girlfriend who is just okay and not so good looking. But if we think, the highest standards are set for the girls. For example, a girl should have a good body figure, she should have a fair skin color, she should have a good dressing sense, she should know how to talk to people, in short the society just cares about the external beauty of a girl.

Based on such low standards maximum number of girls are rejected for the marriages and not just once but they are rejected over and over because this is what the society says that if a girl is not pretty she is not acceptable in the society guys do not want to marry them. I just do not understand what is the fault of a girl in this she was not the one who wished to be the way she is it was not her choice if she does not have fair color it’s not her choice if she is fat or ugly it is just not her choice at all. We must understand that it is God who created all of us and created us in the best way.

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Who are we to set these standards then? If you are thinking this is the end of the problem so let me tell you that you are highly mistaken because the real problem is yet to be discussed and that is what the girls, in response do. What do you think the girls do? Yes, they do what the society asks them to do they start reshaping themselves. They try to follow these so-called standards they do all the stuff that would get them the life they always wished for and they do everything just to be acceptable in society so here I just want to say that IT’S NOT US IT’S YOU (THE SOCIETY).

Nobody is responsible for what he has and what he does not have neither are the girls responsible for how they look then why are they judged for something they do not have control of. The people should get their minds clean if they do so then I do not think that there would be any girl ashamed of what she looks like. Along, people should get their standards high of not imaging a girl based on her looks but her inner beauty.

Author: Tehreem Ansar Bs Psychology