Book Mela

Book Mela

National Book Foundation (NBF) is organizing book mela since eight years in Pak China Friendship Centre Islamabad, under the supervision of National History and Literary Heritage (NHLH) Division.

The purpose of the organization of this mela is to make books available at modest prices.

Book Mela
Book Mela

The habit of reading book is not common, technology has diverted youth’s attention and price of books have reached its climax that a simple working man cannot afford a book of the bestselling author.  Again this year the mega fair has been arranged in Pak China center for the incentive of people to choose the reading path as this way has many comforts.

Book Mela

It has begun on 22nd April and has a time limit to 24th of April, 2017. The President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain has inaugurated the book fair and visited different stalls, many prominent personalities are visiting it since that day.

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Renowned literary figures, good readers, scholars, book ambassadors, and students are participating in the mega fair. Up to 100 booksellers and publishers have set up stalls for the readers.

Book Mela

On 23rd of April,the prominent and interesting personality Javed Ch visited it. He is the famous Columnist, Anchorperson and Author of eight books. This personality needs no introduction. It was such a nice meeting of me and my sister with this person.Book Mela

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The three-day book fair has featured various activities like book reading sessions, seminar on important literary topics, intellectual sessions and dialogue on fiction, prose and poetry, Ghazal Program, plays, book flag hoisting, mega book fair, lucky book draw, readers book club stall, mobile book shop, motorway police desk, exhibition of memorable tickets, mobile science lab, discussion sessions, Pakistan Air Force stall, calligraphy exhibition, and some other activities of interest. As one grows up it dawns upon him that there are only books on which he can depend on. Sometimes teens get so busy with their school work or social lives that they do not cut off time for themselves to relax a little. Such type of events freshens the mind of youth and motivates them towards reading. Reading is quit educational too if it is beyond the books that teens are supposed to read in school. There are tons of books can be found in the world and are good to read. The young adult genre is competitive and ever-growing. There are many best-selling novels we may not hear about. Each book is unique, original, classic, well-written in its own way and this mega fair offers good discount on favorite authors.

Time given to the book will never be considered as a waste of time. Every written book has a purpose, or some message the author is trying to convey to the reader. Some readers get that message, try to apply these things in their lives and acquire a balanced life.


NBF Managing Director Dr Inam-ul-Haq Javed hoped that a record number of people would participate in the mega book fair to satisfy their thirst for knowledge and it would meet his expectations. Last year maximum benefits were received from this activity, highlighting the message of love for knowledge and book. He said last year more than 1,000,00 book lovers participated in the book activity and books worth Rs 20 million were sold out. Glorifying the presence of youth, I would say that books would help them to broaden the budding minds by giving them new ideas and vision.

Book Is Really a Lifelong Guide for those who believe in it

Author: Zara Mansoor Islamabad