How One Becomes Writer

How One Becomes Writer

Writing ability is something given by God to his best people and there are some who never recognized that they have ability to do something for their selves until life turns them into the dreadful situation where everything they see is writing.

There are scarcely any who become authors because it gives them delightful feeling, other just wants to convert their deplorable conditions of life which they had gone through, in words, to show the reality of world that how worse it may be sometimes.

How One Becomes Writer

Half of the things in writing are actually the things writer has experienced. Many times it happens when we come across the horrendous path, few survive and other chooses to write. They are the actual people who always expose the fallacy of life and come out with full vigour to curb the influence of satanic paths one has gone through.

When we have to live in the world, we have to keep this reality in mind that life is not a bed of roses and it doesn’t turn out the way we want. What one can do to overcome the perturbed situations is to convert his life experiences in writing. Most of the people learn from books.

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Every writer presents some lesson for his readers which help them to understand the meaning and paths of life. Writer communicates with his readers, aware them about world and advises them to come out in favor of a right path. He always manifests the best passageway for his readers.

So, don’t ignore the writer’s advice and take it seriously before it’s too late because he/she is the only one who literally wants to protect his readers from the abominable settings lying ahead.

Author: Zara Mansoor Islamabad