You Win Some, You Lose Some

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Failure is obvious if you are struggling to render up big results to the world. The problem arises at the step when you negate to acknowledge your failure.

Try to take full liability of your actions. By these little doings you are able to open a new door for yourself to the possibilities and initiate a different outcome in the future.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Even failure can be compensating if you just try once to learn something from it. It can even help in erecting career by turning the misfortunes into an inspiration to toil for more. Remember that experience in any form can be a best teacher. Sometimes there are very real and serious losses which shake the walls of life even a collateral damage. Other people are hurt which takes a while to recover or to overcome. If we keep doing the same things that led us to failure, we are destined to get more failure. We need to have the willingness to make a change.

You are not supposed to permit your failure to hold you back from your next endeavor or to stand between you and your success. If you fall off, then you have to get back on the path promptly. Put the past behind you and move forward. If you say no to get up and get back on, then you are destined to be a loser, coward or a failure. The key is to assemble on the lessons learned and move ahead. I have learned from my failures. I failed at some things. I failed some relationships. But sometimes failing at something is an indication to reveal what is really going on with your life.

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Time has come to realize your worth. Even if this is incredibly difficult and humbling, I am really grateful for this period in my life. I learned some critical changing lessons. I am convinced that I won’t become who I am today if I did not experience losing some at one point in my life. Failure is the thing which always forces us to clear out the noise of what is most important. If you get slammed by a failure and bounce back that is called resilience. If you learn, adjust and actually return to better than before, then you have actually have enough courage to make you a better person. It is not that all failures end so well, sometime people suffer a setback and never recover.

These are the people lacking with courage. If you really have something to win in life then you have to stand face to face to your failure and to deal with it courageously. It’s not possible to win all the time nor it is imaginable to succeed at all times. Loses and failures are just part of winning and succeeding. What matters most is to never quit, recover from your past and keep on going to achieve your goals in life. Just remember nothing can drown us down till we accept our defeat.

Author: Zara Mansoor Islamabad