Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Fallacious

Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Fallacious

Donald Trump has absolutely done the incredible and wholly illogical thing as he sat in the President’s chair. In his latest executive order signed on Friday he disallowed Muslims of 7 nations from travelling to USA.

It shows that the new president is serious about putting the Islamophobia that was a central part of his campaign into practice. It’s an indecisive order and looks like strive to please his constituency.

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There is a lot of opposition but some Americans are happy over this unjustified ban. Donald says that this ban on travel is to rescue the Americans from the wreck of radical Islamists. The peculiar thing is that none of the 7 nations named have had any connection with any terror activity in the USA and the nationals of nations that were involved in terror activity against the USA like Saudi Arabia and Egypt don’t figure in the ban. It seems to be an abnormal situation. It is very easy to understand that he has picked the wrong countries. The San Bernardino shooting that killed 14 people was attempted by an American-born US citizen of Pakistani descent and a lawful permanent US resident of Pakistani descent.

The Orlando nightclub shooter who murdered 49 people was an American-born US citizen of Afghan descent. The militant who killed four Marines during a shooting spree in Tennessee was a Kuwaiti-born US citizen whose parents were Palestinian and Jordanian. It would be mortified to say that the country home to the biggest number of terrorists who have carried out successful attacks inside the US is the US itself. It seems that Donald has some substantial business interest in countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia so he has excluded these countries from his list.

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He did not want to touch Saudi Arabia as it is also an ally of USA and it will definitely tousle the feathers with all the oil coming in from there he thought it better to leave out the foremost sponsor of Islamic fundamentalism. At this step some points pop in our mind, are business deals or interests more important as compared to equity and fair-mindedness? How could he ignore the most religious country? It is because he doesn’t want his country to be suffered. It is sorry to hear that an Iraq veteran who lost both legs fighting with the US army against the ISIS was not allowed in the USA for rehabilitation and recovery.

What can be sadder than this? There is an international outrage has been seen at this travel ban. There are only two nations left who haven’t uttered a word on this gratuitous statement and these nations are Russia and China. The Muslim allies of the USA fighting shoulder to shoulder against the ISIS like in Iraq must be wondering how they are singled out. He has almost forgotten there is palpable anger against America in the Muslim world as well and this reason has made it unsafe for Americans to travel to many parts of the globe. Donald must remember that men who ride the tiger have the chance of being eaten by the beast. Who knows Donald may be devoured by his own actions.

Author: Zara Mansoor islamabad