The Storms Of Change

Opponents always rise with a renewed sturdiness, exalted by the availability of social media that always lends the availability to gather the groups more quickly and easily. With the help of many things happened in yesteryears, younger generation has found better ways to attain their goals.

The Storms of Change
The Storms of Change

This is the year of victory. The time to roll over to the side of victory has come. Yesteryear has passed and it is the end of weeping, gnashing of teeth, excruciating situations, tormenting from the enemy. This is marking the end of that mockery. Some have stayed too long on that side. And to begin to cross over might mean that one had been somewhere before now, and the place was surprising, unfavorable or unproductive. But Thanks to God that finally the year of changing positions has come.

Israel was in the horrendous situation. In Egypt, they were enslaved, suffering and struggling for breath. They all were in total hopeless captivity and have no sign of help but God came for them in the hour of need. Most of the people resigned from their fate. God moves promptly for his people, especially when they have given up hope, when your enemies and oppressors would have started rejoicing over you. Look at his power, nobody, no conspiracy and no power of hell can stop this move. You are due and will move to victory, with time everything heals, all you lost will be recovered.  

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When God brought Israel out of Egypt He eradicated their enemies. He also helped them in changing their status, vision and made them highly rich. Israel, which once was in a dreadful condition, came out with gold and silver. It means that He brought them out with great wealth in their hands. We are not just having our victory soon, but it will be celebrated with gold and silver.

The protesters are diversified; some fear coming change while others are afraid because nothing has changed and they believe it never will. Many find themselves in an unendurable situation, convinced they are helpless to find a solution. Some are caught in a storm, listening to thunder of protest, watching the approaching winds of change. Big storms are significant events; significant events prelude significant change.
Author: Zara Mansoor