Pakistani Politics Pandora Box of Lies

Pakistani Politics Pandora Box of Lies

Pakistani politics and its politicians have always been controversial and some what same is situation with all other leaders of every walk of life. Most embarrassing thing is our over emotional response loaded with romances and sentiments.

We never felt that we can easily be dragged into any type of situation. From 9/11 to the death of OBL we have been used and misused.

Pakistani Politics Pandora

Common man is in a state of confusion, as to what is going on? Why we are involved in every national or international game. Although our leadership is least concerned about the fate of our common man but we need to think over it. A country which is blessed with tremendous resources. We unlike so many other nations jump to final conclusion and become judgmental about things around us. A state where politics is synonym of “art of telling lies” can not progress.

One wonders at the behaviour and deeds of our leaders. Our society is morally decaying at an alarming rate. The criterion of success in our society is to be well connected and how well one twists the facts? Election 2013 was rigged but our leaders accepted the elections. Why? Is it not the status co? How can one claim an illegal action as mandate? Echoes of our politicians can be heard that elections were rigged. One said,” it was selection not election, while the other said, “it was election of RO’s. Unfortunately, we all are hypocrite and hypocrisy is the form of government over here. A nation with this type of traits can not meet the challenges of time. Earlier there were tragic dramatic scenes of Karachi, MQM, target killings, raids, brutal murders of Police and now heated debate is on regarding Abbottabad Operation. Where we are heading blindly?

Perhaps its down hill slide at an arming rate. ECP de-seats some of the politicians which are restored by other honourable courts. Whom should we trust? What went wrong where it went wrong and why it went wrong? No one is bothered about it. Perhaps Pakistani politics is Pandora box of lies. At the end one finds no excuse but to say Allah have mercy upon us all. We only need to speak the truth. We must speak truth to the power as well.