Our Education System Good , Bad Or Ugly ?

Our Education System Good , Bad Or Ugly ?

Equitable as heart, brain and lungs are mandatory for the survival of human being, an education system is imperative for the survival of the society.

Martin Luther king said that thefunction of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically, intelligence plus character –that is true goal of education Education means to grow up, to know, the change in humanbehaviormore broadly a change in the every aspect of life.

Education System
Our Education System Good Bad Or Ugly

Pakistan is placed at 136th exposed by human development report for having 49.9% educated population and more sadistic is among the 120 registered member of UN ranked at 113th position. Our education system is based on unequal lines. Major flaws of our education system include, we follow two major educational systems that includes national education system that include metric and intermediate and British educational system that comprises of O-levels and A-levels. One cardinal blemish in our education system is that it is divided into Haves  and  Have not’s.  The Haves only have access the best education. This is very unfortunate that educational system has two classes which are being differentiated on the basis of economic and financial strengths.

Here double standards in the medium of education in both public and private sector. This is fabricating sort of divergence among people, by dividing them into two segments. Such a distressed infrastructure is primary and giant cause of illiteracy rate in the country and this leads to high dropout rates in public schools in rural areas.

Secondly regional discrepancy is utmost reason. The schools of Baluchistan (by the area sizable province of the country) are not that much groomed as that the province of Punjab. If we have a look of Gender discrimination in our education system, you will see that the things are deepen down than our perception. The current primary school ratio of boys and girls is 10:4, which is a cause of huge concern. It is suspect that Pakistan is among the most prominent states affected by gender discrimination.

Unfortunately lack of technical education is biggest flaw in education policy that has never been focused before. Less technical people means low standard of life and it’s a reality good public schools, good public universities and good technical training can give us a workforce better than any in the world. Our future depends what we do in present, Pakistan is agriculture land and what is the progress of our education in agriculture? We import tomatoes onions and many other kind of vegetables and even sugar from India. We have to prepare the professionals to meet the need of tomorrow. Now come to the budget of education, It is only 1.5 to 2.0 percent of the total GDP. It should be around 7% of the total GDP. At that budget allocation, the illiteracy rate in Pakistan would not decrease but rather increase.

The federal and provincial governments need to cut down their expenditures in other areas and spend a bigger proportion of income on education. What is the tragedy with our education system by increasing education budget every year our illiteracy rate and dropout rate also increasing? The answer is that we change the definition of literacy every year why? Just because we want funds from international platforms consistency and continuously. And again hierarchy of human needs where stand? First and foremost need of all humans is food, shelter and clothes, and our more than fifty percent living below poverty line according to the world bank,how it is possible to decrease illiteracy rate .decrease the hunger and thrust of people and ensure them to enough food so they can stable and provide them a copy and a pen, a book so they can read, write and learn.

In the end I will like to give proposal, medium of instruction should be English and national language should be for communication facilitation and everyday pursuit.at least primary education should be free and compulsory, it is free already but not compulsory so it should be. Scholarships and financial support and exceptional and monetary packages , betterment of education policies and conduct proper workshops for the teachers, talented qualified selected on merit and political appointments of teachers should be stopped. Increase teachers incentives on performance, virtual and vocational –skilled based education should be promoted. Education serves as a backbone for the developments of the nations. If we want progress, peace, prosperity then we as collectively change our attitudes towards education and collectively make efforts to educate each and every child of the Pakistan because,one child, one teacher, and one book and one pen can change the world.

Author: Khaliq Naeem