Declining Ratio Of Reading In Our Society

Declining Ratio Of Reading In Our Society

Declining Ratio

A Society is composed of institutions ranging from home, school, university, court, public and private offices to madrasas and maqtabs etc.

As per Herbert Spencer-a renowned sociologist, “society is like human body. A human body is composition of organs such as hand, leg, head, eye and brain etc. if any of organ is dysfunctional, the rest of human body will be dysfunctional. Similarly, a society is composition of organs i.e home, socio-economic and religious institutions and justice etc. if any of the organ of society is dysfunctional the rest of society will be test less.

It is also a fact that the society is composition of social uniformities and at the same time social dissimilarities. Human society is replete with a lot of pomp and luxuries which has made worth living. Compared with eighteenth century’s human society, twenty first century has chanting slogans of win-win situation.  Despite all the luxuries, the human society has been facing innumerable problems ranging from socio-economic problems to natural disasters. All these social maladies have to some extent herbals to be heeled its wounds. In every dark-age, a ray of hope has always been dawned and changed its fate.But there are some basic characteristics of human society, devoid of which no prosperity, progress and development will kiss its palm. Among these credits, speaking truth, respect for elders, celebration of religious and customary rituals, dignity of labour, love for human being, philanthropic activates and last but not least quest for knowledge are core and backbone of all societies regardless of any civilization.

Let us rest all these above fundamental characteristics of a society on one side and trigger one aspect which is quest for knowledge or “declining ratio of reading”. It seems that reading habit is getting a distant dream and we all have divorced this cherished and ever green habit from our daily life. We despise reading day-by-day without pondering  its consequences. It seems that reading is only compulsory to get examination passed, written cleared for job or admission in any institution etc.

There may be a number declining ratio of readings, but what a pity to twenty first century which on the one hand ushered all developmental stances in our society and on the other hand erasing fundamental customs. Today, one can purchase the book, but unable get its gist; one can build libraries with modern facilities but unable to give a few minutes to sit, today one can be able to assemble a number of societies, but unable know its own society, today man created networks on one web-page, but unable to define oneself on a single page; today no one is hidden in the nook and corner of the world, but unable to identify one’s own merits and demerits. What to talk of this development! Imagine, are we at right or wrong path? The reply rest within.

It seems that reading is only compulsory either for school going child or a retired person. At all, only retired person is adorned with this dowry. That is why they discover smile because they read novels. They heal wounds because they learn lesson of recuperating ill bodies. They learn capturing minds because they knew charms of life. Above all reading makes man perfect, inevitably.

Reading nourishesminds and minds human societies. Emotions and waves of thinking could be reigned with treasure of knowledge. Reading generates pleasure of mind with utmost satisfaction level. This erects magic touch of fancy transmutes grief into pleasure, failure into success, worries into ease, coy into courage and last but not least fear into hope. It gives an intellectual growth, sense of curiosity and amusement sharpening the judgment. Following the judgments, experience, in its turn, makes us wiser and self-confident.In other way, it is company in solitude, harbinger in strain and tailoring unweaving hidden characters. An author is a complete road and reader is its pedestrian. Not a single mile could be travelled without road. Consequently,leaving journey unfinished.

Our society is an arena of battlefield. With the rapid passage of time, societies fight with a number of terrorists such as terrorism of poverty, terrorism of hunger and starvation, terrorism of corruption, terrorism of many isms, terrorism of overpopulation etc etc. Let us learn fight with this perpetual terrorist of society which not only swallowing peace and tranquility,but polluting human institutions. The development of society rest within and within rest reading habit which is aging not only its follower, but nations as well. To conclude with, reading is varies pleasure, reading is feast for our senses; reading is spiritual and intellectual diet to human society. Let us agree to decline ratio of un-reading habits. 

Author: Fayyaz A. Soomro