A Fistful of Youth – Awakened Nation?

A Fistful of Youth – Awakened Nation?

A Fistful of Youth – Awakened Nation?

Difficult to believe it is when we hear that our beloved country has all the capabilities to become a prosperous and developed state.

And the question mark appears more pronounced when we look at the behavior pattern of the significant stakeholders of the country. Starting from the worst  dilemma of “war on terror “the negatives move onto inflation, lack of good governance, global dislike for the fanatical elements of our society and lack of political will in charting a path of righteousness and care.

What instantly comes to mind is, how long we will continue to play games of self-interest and self-promotion only! And how long will it take to get out of the snatching mode. On the one hand, no doubt we have the huge advantage  of being the sixth largest nation, population wise, but when you evaluate behavior pattern and performances, the urge to collectively do something substantial is decidedly missing and the past six decades plus, of independence have been wasted.

Now however, noticeable is the activism of the youth who have raised their heads and realized their strength as a group. At their end, they feel that the time has come for them to act as a cohesive force, act as monitors and prevent the governance from getting wayward and falling into wrong hands.

As a first step, the youth of the country proved the power of vote and virtually managed to push back those who were guilty of poor governance. Apparently the slightly better ones are now in the driving seat and what has to be seen is whether the new ones can deliver. Along the way the big consolation is that elections phase has been gone through successfully and another huge milestone worth mentioning is the transfer of power from one civilian government to another.

In the past week noticeable is some intense activity as, newly elected governments of all provinces and the center move towards settling down. Mandates and promises are multifaceted and reflect motivation and commitment and with Federal reins in the grasp of PML(N),let see if the youthful awakening has yielded something positive and broad-based in terms of deliverance..

The bright star of hope is there and the suffering multitudes are all eager to see good things coming to life. Essential core values like morality, justice, fair play and will to serve will be under scrutiny from the word ‘go’ and with youth looking up to their chosen elders, it will have to be good standards and morale boosting activities for the wellbeing of citizens. – Samra Anwar