What do youth Expect From Election 2013?

What do youth Expect From Election 2013?

What do youth Expect From Election 2013

Youth is an important resource of any State. And going by this saying, Pakistani youngsters are certainly no different and represent a pillar of strength of the country, always willing to add a touch of glory to the image of the country.

Unfortunately, however, But unfortunately, corruption, injustice, load shedding, violation of merit and terrorism, flooding has caused frustration and disappointment among youth. In this atmosphere, holding of elections 2013 is like a ray of light that will chart a path of optimism.

Every political party has announced its manifesto, with special focus on youth and there is a broad consensus on fulfilling the future needs of the youngsters. According to their spokesmen, their manifesto is best for the future of our generation and their party is the party of youngsters. PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) is a ruling party in Pakistan and its manifesto for youth is “For policy making councils will make for the participation of youth and those councils will work for legislation on district, provisional and federal level.”

According to the manifesto of PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League-N) “Projects will be started for the purposes of youth training and skills.10,00000 new vacancies will be opened on the basis of apprenticeship in industry and trade with the coordination of private sector. Such a low-income family will be sure to have at least one job”.

MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) has announced its policy for youth “career counseling and job placement centers will be introduced at provisional level”. JI(Jamaat-e-Islami) has declared in its manifesto “Government jobs of merit will be considered strictly and loan will be provide without interest on convenient conditions for self-employment”.

PTI which is favored by the youth because of its youth based slogan, when talking of this aspect states “An independent National Foundation for Youth will be established which will serve as a pillar of national integration through the development of inter provisional relations between youth”.

In the past, the political parties have not considered the youth as an important section of the society and when it comes to planning and related measures, the youth certainly feel ignored and left out. This time around their good luck is that PTI as a new emerging force has provided them a platform and promises more cohesion in bringing them to the forefront in all matters that concern them. The thinking of PTI represents a huge turn around and enthusiasm of young people is overflowing with hope of a bright future.

Figures spelt out by Election Commission of Pakistan make them a force to reckon with in the current election exercise. About 34.68 percent of the voters are in the age bracket below thirty years with break up being 19.77% below 20 and 14% above 20 years age bracket. Based on this it is their responsibility to cast their votes in a truly responsible manner and elect leaders who can lead the nation progressively with good governance visible in all aspects. Hopefully the young vote bank will sway the fate of elections to bring in the forefront, leaders who will eliminate corruption, improve law and order, ensure equitable distribution of resources, and make Pakistan a prosperous and peaceful place – Mariam Wakeel Butt