Election Battle In Lahore

Election Battle In Lahore

Election Battle In Lahore

Lahore has always played a significant role in politics and, in particular, when it comes to choosing the future rulers of the country, the voting choice of Lahories provide a road map to the ultimate route that politics will take.

From the historical angle also Lahore has contributed immensely in the shape of major movements that culminated in success and what started as an idea became a reality through a passionate pursuance of the goals specified in resolutions that were unanimously passed in public gatherings. Undoubtedly, the inhabitants of this region are full of energy and move towards the purpose without flinching.

Coming to the current scenario, now, when the siren of elections 2013 has been sounded all over the country, Lahore seems to be in the forefront with election activities in full swing. Every corner of the city is echoing with the slogans of different parties. Streets and bazaars are decorated with party’s flags, banners and posters. The candidates are busy in hosting corner meetings and taking out processions and rallies even at the union council level.

Political leaders, who otherwise enjoy celebrity status and have been rarely available to the voters, are rushing door to door to show their personal love and affection for their awami friends whom they willingly embrace with feelings of understanding and care .Somehow under the compulsion of elections their urge to let the warmth of ‘bhai chaara’ ooze out in generous quantum is a sight to observe. If this spirit was to prevail all through the year, our problems would be reduced to zero and things would be wonderful, all around.

What is adding to the heat is the razor sharp competition amongst the various candidates of different political parties. With ample speeches the order of the day, one hears loads of promises and commitments about a better tomorrow. In this connection the manifestos are propagated ardently and noticeable are broad smiles on the faces of candidates who otherwise like to keep a stony look. The spirit of the close supporters of each party are a big boost to each candidate and since campaigning is a cumbersome exercise not much can be achieved single handedly.

In past PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) and PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League – N) were two most favorite political parties of Lahories. But now PTI (Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf) and PML (N) are seen as forceful rivals. So, an intense competition can be seen between them in this election and as result the established ones are really feeling the pressure. Based on this it is even expected that the dynamics of Lahore political just might undergo a change.

As for the citizens, they seem to be conscious of the importance of their vote and the big change is that the young ones, including boys and girls have become an essential part of the election activity. Whereas most of them are tilted in favor of PTI, the other parties PPP and PML(N) also claim that youngsters will be an inspiring force in their campaigning.  Lahori people might be living in small houses in narrow streets but they have keen observation and awareness of politics. No politician can befool them with his oily tongue. Lahori people recognize those double faced candidates who change their face of affection, after winning the election.

Every citizen either a man or woman, young or old wants to elect a leader not a politician. A leader who could lead the nation into a progressive way, a person who can raise their living standard and provide equal facilities of employment, education, health , transport and  others . Lahories want to get rid of inherited political system and elect that party or leaderships on merit who not only extirpate the corruption, load shedding and terrorism but also decrease the external pressure of other countries of the World.In short, inhabitants of Lahore wish to have fair and transparent election, in peaceful atmosphere and elect a democratic government who can bring prosperity in the country. – Mariam Butt