Minorities need respite from fanaticism

Minorities need respite from fanaticism


Minorities need respite from fanaticism

Since the start of ongoing decade, minorities in the Pakistan have been hit hard by the fanaticism and extremism. Mostly, the problem arises when state machinery is failed to execute the blasphemy laws in the best possible manner which results in the mob violence and riots and giving the image of fanatic state of Pakistan.

We should realize that the extremism is neither allowed in the Islam nor permitted by the any state any society. This fanaticism and bloodshed of the minorities in Pakistan are portraying very bad image of the country which should be check by the government and citizens according to their capacity.The recent attack of mob on the Christian community living in Lahore threatens the very foundation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Badami Bhag witnessed the horrible scene of setting homes on fire for an alleged blasphemy. The rule of law stood nowhere because a violent mob of extremists decided to settle the “legal” matter outside the courtroom.

This is not the first case. We still have remembered the killing of Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian representative, and the massacre of Gojra. Although it would be less patriotic to portray the image of Pakistan as the insecure state for the minorities yet it is reality. The survival of the minorities in Pakistan is under serious question for a neutral observer. It has been reported that the some unseen hand of foreign agencies may intrigued and staged such miserable incident to defame Pakistan in the international community for their national interest. But, finding a scapegoat is not the solution.

The government of Pakistan has failed to secure the rights, liberty and freedom of minorities. Even, the sectarianism has also got its roots to the very foundations of the society thus serving as a helping hand to boil the water for the minorities. Islam gives a staunch rights and freedom to the minorities, in fact, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the law and order situations in conformity with the every community living in the vicinity of the Islamic state.

Unfortunately, the situation of the minorities in the Islamic State of Pakistan is neither according to the Islam nor according to the secular principles of the modern world. According to a report, the death rate of minorities in Pakistan is alarmingly high since the start of this decade. Government of Pakistan should formulate a concrete policy regarding the plea of minorities. First of all, the extremist tendencies in the society must be checked and the extremist organizations like Lashkar should be eliminated by strengthening the security agencies and reforming the economic situations of the affected areas.

Along with, the law of blasphemy must be prevented from being miss used by those who miss use it for their purpose and for execution of the minorities who are equally Pakistanis. For the reforms are needed in the implementation and practice of the law. Minorities are very important segment of the Pakistan and has rendered great services for the progress of the country. We find number of leading personalities from the minority groups like Rana Bhagwan Das, Justice of the Supreme Court and Ex- chairman of the Federal Public Service Commission. Qaid has pointed categorically in his speech that in Pakistan there would be complete freedom for the minorities groups to exercise their religion and festive.

It is the time now to take serious notice of the growing extremism and execution of the minorities in the name of alleged blasphemy or being inferior because they are not Muslims. This discrimination is against the teachings of Islam and against the law of the land. Ensuring free and safe minority would tell the world that Pakistan is the land to logical and conscious people and not of fanatics and extremists. This is how we can make our country a better place to live and use its potential to make it one of the developed and prosperous countries of the region and the world. – Arsalan Waheed