Peace with India – Lets move forward

Peace with India – Lets move forward

After constantly struggling with language, racial, religious, ideological and terrorism disputes, would Pakistan be able to remain in peace with India?

After Simla Summit, Agra Summit, Lahore Submit, Would Aman Ki Asha Campaign be able to improve relationship between the two nations? Whether it isthree major wars or Kashmir Issue, Bomb attacks on Samjhota Express or Mumbai attacks, all these incidents have contributed in building tension between India and Pakistan. The blood stained history of India and Pakistan is the cause of mutual resentment and hostility. And the most recent event where Captain of Pakistani Blind Cricket Team “ZeeshanAbbasi” was given acid to drink after they qualified for semi-finals once again puts the relationship in jeopardy.Indians called the deliberate act of putting acid filled mineral water bottle on the breakfast table an accident.

This event will renew the tensions between nuclear-armed nations and could distract Pakistani’s from developing democratic ties with India.Bollywood movies like Border, Upkar, Hindustan Ki Kasam, Haqeeqat, Gadar, MaaTujhe Salam, Agent Vinod, Ek Tha Tiger are just like India Pakistan relations. They are not a step forward but many steps back. Pakistan India Cricket Matches are live examples which are taken as a war instead of a game.

Both countries should show positive attitude towards each other and learn from the history. Changing next door neighbor is not possible. The weird past can’t be changed but bright future can be anticipated. Visa agreement between the two countries where travel is made easy for businessmen and tourists is a good step forward in this regard plus increased trade between India and Pakistan will prove to be beneficial for both parties. Both governments have to play a role here.

They should have a primary mission of improving relations between the two nations and finding solution to all pending disputes with settlement intention. Instead of weeping over the same old issues again and again, the steps for resolution of issues should be outlined. Overnight change is a dream but by using step by step approach end target i-e peace can be achieved. Governments of both the nations have to turn their focus on resolving the issues rather than managing the issues by employing result oriented approach and strictly following it.

Peace is a two way process. Both parties have to try their level best to normalize the relations rather to dominate, because if any one nation will try to supersede the other, the process will fail. No one knows what is going to be the fate of this peace process. We as Muslims believe that miracles do happen and that we must never lose hope. Is the result of these peace negotiations going to be different from the earlier ones? Is this peace process going to collapse like the past or is this going to bring some positive change? Patience is the only answer. A mutual belief of both the nations in “Say no to conflict and say yes to peace” can change the picture altogether. – Maha Khalid