Highlights of President Zardari address to Pakistan Leaders of Tomorrow conference

Highlights of President Zardari address to Pakistan Leaders of Tomorrow conference

Pakistan Leaders of Tomorrow conference
President Zardari

 ISLAMABAD: Following are the highlights of President Asif Ali Zardari’s speech to ‘Pakistan Leaders of Tomorrow’ conference.

  •   Pakistan was facing a great challenge from the mindset that attacked Malala Yousafzai in Swat.
  •   He urged the youth to take up the challenge and fight this mindset as it is threatening the country and the future generations.
  •   Every one should not think what the country has given to him but every one should think “what we have given to the country”.
  •     His priority was to empower people and provinces for strengthening Pakistan and safeguarding future of coming generations.
  •     I voluntarily gave all the powers of the Presidency to the Parliament in order to strengthen democracy in the country.
  •     Attempts were being made to weaken Pakistan, but he strengthened federating units in order to strengthen the country, promote unity and harmony, and to counter those designs.
  •     Government not only pursued policy of reconciliation at home but also took steps to improve its relations with the neighboring countries.
  •    “Trade not Aid” is our policy from day first to address Pakistan’s economic problems.
  •     Without blaming anyone for the present ills and the current situation, it was important that leaders of today take the responsibility to address the problem.
  •    Collective wisdom is always better than individual wisdom, therefore, the PPP always adopted the policy of reconciliation and empowered the parliament which is the true representative of the people of Pakistan.
  •    Every Pakistani was patriotic and the youth could play an effective  role in confronting the present challenges.
  •     Pakistan has very clear policy on the drone attacks.

               “we have to find solution to the drone issue through diplomatic means.”

  •    Government has taken a number of steps to provide relief to the affected people.
  •     The militancy hit areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA have been allocated more development funds as compared to previous years.
  •     Hard work and dedication coupled with struggle and sacrifice were essential to becoming a leader.
  •     Presently over 70 million are being benefitted from BISP.
  •     Federal Government was providing all out help and assistance to the provinces to improve law and order situation. – APP