Adopting Peaceful Strategies May Restore A Stable Pakistan

Adopting Peaceful Strategies May Restore A Stable Pakistan

6 september defence day
Adopting Peaceful Strategies May Restore A Stable Pakistan

The massacre killings, suicidal bomb attacks and target killings are an open threat to all Pakistanis making them suffer the trauma of losing life dreadfully.

We are in a state of war, either within ourselves or with others, but the outcome is exhaustive and unpleasant. When it comes to defending ourselves, the defense of Pakistan is supreme because stability of a country is always foremost to strengthen its internal departments.

Going back to 1965, 6th September was the day when all Pakistani stood indomitable against the sudden invasion of Indian army and successfully defended important areas of Pakistan. Today, after 47 years, though Pakistan has been fighting various economical, social and political battles, that have somehow resulted in victory but many are still to settle. Following its hardships such as energy crisis and leadership feuds, Pakistani citizens are always prepared to achieve their lost assets of honor and prestige with their utmost valor and determination.

What was the outcome of Indo-Pak war 1965-the bloodshed and sacrifices of our brave jawans. We commemorate the day of 6th September, as Defense Day of Pakistan, paying tribute to all our martyred. There go award ceremonies, parade and military programmes to remember the heroism of our soldiers and of individuals who forfeited their lives to protect the state borders from annihilation.

War is not the solution of all disputes; it has never harvested satisfying results which can lay down good establishment or a sovereign state. Wars only bring mass destruction, loss of lives, loss of land, and loss of equipments. During World War ll, several countries witnessed the disaster brought by weapons, and bombing that is still hard to forget.

Today, many states such as United States, France, China, India and Pakistan stand as nuclear powers. If wars are still to consider, then there will be nuclear wars only which is never supposed to be productive. Instead of considering nuclear resources for gaining control, all states of the globe need to adopt peaceful strategies, and if so as is done by all of us, we may restore a stable and more prosperous Pakistan. – Lubna Khalil