Media Persons Await Accountability

Media Persons Await Accountability

In the past few days Pakistan has suffered so many shocks on political front. The scandal of CJP’s son with real estate Tycoon Malik Riaz brought the judiciary and Malik Riaz into the lime light.

People were still confused when they came across with another shocking reality about media persons who were exposed as paid anchors to promote the particular interests of Malik Riaz.The hot issue sprang up by an off-air video exposing two famous anchors allegedly involved in a planted interview with the Malik Riaz to malign the judiciary. The video was released on the Twitter and YouTube. Later on a list of the paid anchors has also been released by Malik Riaz.

The issue is very serious and damaging to the country. These people have immense power and influence through media. If they become biased, playing wrong with ideology, and security of the country, situation becomes alarming creating disharmony and frustration among the masses. There is a big question mark  today not only on the reliability of  anchors who are supposed to enlighten the nation about social and political issues, but also upon the media which is supposed to be unbiased and free from vested  interest.

It is need of the hour to take strict action against these black sheep in the media, and TV channels who involved in planted discussions and interviews against the national interest. There must be a quick unbiased and fair probe against them and the culprits should be taken to the task as per the laws.

The Pakistani media must establish its reliability by protecting national interests, the opinions of the analysts should be unbiased and free of partiality. Their analysis must lead to constructive recommendations for the policymakers to safeguard national interests. Their must be a revised code of ethics for media and its implementation should be monitored by the SC.The media gate issue seems to be suppressed by process of electing new PM. As Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has taken the oath as new PM, now people are hoping for a progressive, speedy and result oriented investigation regarding media gate scandal. – Lubna Naheed