The new face Imran Khan. Can We Trust Him?

The new face Imran Khan. Can We Trust Him?

Imran KhanThe new face in politics these days is Imran Khan. People are perplexed whether he should be trusted or not. The political system of Pakistan sees Imran Khan as a hope for sanity to prevail.

Pakistan’s politics has been chaotic for many years. It is a country ruled by many dictators and politicians with vested interest. Most of the political parties have their own vested interests which are far greater than the national interest. The Bhutto’s were also a hope for Pakistan because no matter what they knew the true meaning of democracy and diplomacy. They were the most educated politicians that we have ever witnessed, even if they made their mistakes they will still be remembered.

On the flip side if we have a mere look at our current politicians on one side and Imran Khan on the other side. There is a huge difference between the two for many reasons. Pakistani politics is as feudalistic as our society is. Even the political parties belong to political families who have been in the politics for decades. Imran Khan does not have a political background and for him wining the elections will be a real proof of democracy.  Imran Khan is liked all over the country especially after the biggest cancer trauma centre Shaukat Khanam.

Now the question whether we should trust him or not is not valid at the moment because first we need to give him a chance. The rest of the politicians had their fair share but they disappointed the public of Pakistan again and again. If we had given a chance to every politician dead or alive why can’t we give a chance to Imran Khan. Imran also has the essential qualities in him which can turn out to be extremely productive for the country.

The most important is that he is well educated and secondly he is the only politician in our country who is taking the youth along with him. He realizes the strength in the youth which Jinnah realized in the youth of that time. Imran Khan should be given a chance, whether to trust him or not is a later debate. – Saiyna