Go Zardari Go; Is Pakistan Up for a Revolution?

The present political scenario in Pakistan is continuously changing. There is a change seen in the drift of the  Revolution or no revolution this country needs a change basically.

The reason why the term Revolution has become so popular in Pakistan these days is because of the term widely witnessed in the Arab World Revolution. Many of us think or expect that a similar revolution can take place in this country but the answer to that is no for a number of reasons. There is a huge difference in the dynamics of the Arab World and Pakistan. Pakistan is a nuclear state which is more developed and has seen democracy even if in bits. The Arab World has never witnessed democracy as yet. Saying that revolution will come in Pakistan is wrong.

A change is definitely what Pakistan needs.The PTI has also cashed on the same motto of Revolution and the entire country is pumped up expecting for a revolution. But on a broader spectrum this is not the time to think emotionally this is the time to think carefully what is going on and what is going to happen. The current political scenario is definitely giving an idea that Imran Khan might come in to power but yet we cannot be sure of it as now. The PPP still has a strong hold in Sindh and also they have a lot of finances to back up their elections and that is how parties win elections in Pakistan. Secondly PTI needs to have more people a party cannot be one man party in order to come in to power.

So if the term revolution is being used in order to revive patriotism in the public it is justified because the common people are fed up of the present government and are desperate to see a change. But if the term revolution is being related to the Arab World then it cannot take place in Pakistan. Revolution can also not take place with the help of urban people only. Revolution can only take place if the entire country stands up and in Pakistan the rural population is way more than the urban population. – Saiyna Bashir