The myopia of the current leadership

The myopia of the current leadership

Dengue and Congo feverIn the present times of high inflation, deteriorating foreign standing, immense load shedding, Dengue and Congo fever epidemic, flood casualties, target killings, sectarian and ethnic issues and what not; there is not a single issue that the current government of Pakistan has managed to eradicate or stamp out the viruses that are gnawing at the local as well as the international image of the State.

All the above mentioned points notwithstanding, the current leadership of the country has even failed to collaborate on even a single issue. The only good thing that the good for nothing so called leaders of our country do is lash out at each other; irrespective of the time, place and situation. If its dengue, the PPP will be accusing the PML-N for its failure to control the epidemic.

If it’s the devastation cause by floods, the PML-N will be hurling allegations against the PPP for its ineffective relief efforts. If it’s the target killings of Quetta and Karachi and the ethnic and sectarian issues of Balochistan, all the political parties will be condemning the PPP for its futile efforts of bringing peace to the region of Sindh and Balochistan. At all times, it has always been much ado about nothing without political parties. All are quick to lay the blame on the other, none are ready to share the blame and take personal responsibility for where this country is headed.

The huge class of have-nots in our country has much to complain about but the meager class of haves is only concerned about filling its own pockets and its foreign accounts with the money that should rightfully be used for the betterment of the nation. The current Pakistani leadership has failed to even provide the basic necessities that its party’s slogan so pompously uproars; that of ‘roti, kapra and makan’ (bread, cloth and shelter).

The ever increasing poverty rate of Pakistan is striking, and the government is least concerned about it but is much concerned with ally-ing with the other political parties in order to gain a maximum majority in the assembly and maintain some face keeping for the next elections too.In a country where people are devoid of the basic necessities which are a state’s responsibility to provide, no further proof needs to be ascertained as to whether the political leadership has failed or not. – Zainab Tariq