The Broken Down Pakistanis

The Broken Down Pakistanis

Broken Down PakistaniPrevailing crisis in Pakistan have thoroughly broken down all Pakistanis, who have been battling for years to achieve sufficient bread and butter and little bit peace. But instead of getting better life standards, situation is getting worst and more than worst day by day.

The current assault of dengue mosquitoes in Lahore and its surroundings, have taken life of so many people irrespective of their age and gender similarly as we have been losing our dear ones in various suicide bomb attacks for years. The increasing target killing in Karachi, devastating floods in Sindh, water shortage, electricity shortfall, unexpected inflation, absence of basic needs of life like sugar and flour, three days unavailability of CNG within a week and petroleum price hike-all are pet peeves of common Pakistanis making them psychologically ill.

Severe health problems are outcome of bad hygiene quality we all are living in. Just few rain drops cause flood like situation on roads giving rise to numerous health hazards. One can see huge garbage heaps around.  Not only localities and slum of Pakistan are neglected regarding cleanliness issues but all posh areas also have same problems to be resolved soon.

Massive dengue patients are being treated in hospitals yet many other serious patients are getting ignored who too need medical assistance. Half of Pakistanis are currently in hospital struggling for their lives whereas remaining half are mentally sick due to long hours load shedding. There escapes hardly no one to enjoy the pleasures of life in Pakistan or just to live happily with family. We are just living in a wonder state that is running without proper governance and without proper considerations for poor people.

Pakistan today has just become like a village for first world countries where no one can imagine living without hygiene and basic needs of life. All Pakistanis have broken down so badly and are just hoping for a miracle to get a smaller part of that what is in real sense called LIFE! – Lubna Khalil