Zulfiqar Mirza’s bomb shells

The bomb shells that Zulfiqar Mirza dropped on the nation through his press conferences have created quite a stir in the political landscape of the country and shook it for the worse. What Mirza did through his press conference was release the pent up frustration and aggravation of three and a half years of his political career as Sindh Senior Minister.

Mirza started off the press conference by announcing his resignation from the office of Sindh Cabinet, Sindh Assembly as well as his position as the Senior Vice President of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party. Despite the fact that he resigned from the party leadership too, Mirza was quick to claim that his allegiance would always lie with Mr. Zardari and the PPP “till the day I die.”

The major outbreaks of the conference were Mirza’s lashing against the Interior Minister Rehman Malik and also against the Muttahida Qaumi Movement. Mirza reprimanded the Interior Minister of being an ‘inveterate liar’ and also called Malik the biggest threat to the future of Pakistan. Furthermore, Mirza accused Malik of being a partner with target killers in Karachi. The major part of the accusations was reserved for the Interior Minister who was time and again, called a pathological liar by Mirza. Moreover, Zulfiqar Mirza bashed out at the MQM, and not for the first time too. Mirza blamed the MQM and its senior leadership of being responsible for the deteriorating situation of Karachi and also hurled a major accusation at MQM of being a partner in the US’s coined plan of dividing Pakistan.

However, the main indictment against MQM was that six members of the MQM were responsible for the killing of the Geo News reporter Wali Khan Babar.  Time and again, Mirza blamed the MQM for working with foreign governments for the dismemberment of Pakistan.These allegations were the denunciation of a lifetime and spurred a round of political reaction, either hailed or denied, by all political parties. What remains to be seen though is whether Mirza really has become a new man overnight and has now decided to work for the betterment of the people instead of drooling after power and control or is this just another ploy in the politics of our country to gain public support. – Zainab Tariq