Redefine Yourselves!

Present scenario in Pakistan is though not too defending for every Pakistani yet Defense Day is always significant for all of us. The Indo Pak war 1965 fought by Pakistani regiments courageously brings true sense of gallantry, heroism and bravery to defend our dear homeland Pakistan and lends eternal patriotism in all individuals.Defense Day of Pakistan is always celebrated in commemoration of martyred who sacrificed their lives to defend Pakistan against Indian hegemony and for harvesting an enduring victory.

They endowed a remarkable glory to Pakistan and a patriotic passion to whole nation. Today, the very state of Pakistan is facing various internal problems along external threats.Pakistan needs huge financial aid to revamp all sectors of life and a large assistance to get out of energy crisis that is becoming immense day by day rather cutting down. Mass and target killings are there, war on terror is on extreme level, price hike has afflicted poor thus no one is guaranteed protection and safety.

However, one thing is supreme in Pakistani nation; and that they stand united against hardships that were also witnessed during Indo Pak war 1965 beginning on September 6.Defense Day is not only the day of admiring Jawans, watching parade and addressing nation but is too meaningful for all of us. It reminds the thoughtfulness that army officers had during war days and the role played by singers and common men.The only elements needed in every Pakistani today are enthusiasm, patriotism, valor and sense of sacrifice that is obvious and essential to win over prevailing situation.
We need to amend ourselves. Let’s make the Defense Day an enlightening source rather than just letting it go customary every year. – Lubna Khalil