A Rise to Be Revived

A Rise to Be Revived

Attained with bloodshed and sacrifices, planted with hopes and tears, is the state we live in today-the Pakistan-our great Pakistan. But what makes it great anymore! Is it the Independence Day we celebrate every year or the prevailing situation that makes it distinct than others?

It may be correct to an extent but more than that it is the only spirit of each individual, residing and bearing hardships in Pakistan, facing economical challenges, fighting against hunger and surviving in killing inflation. There is yet lot more to be quoted but all is so cruel and horrifying that begins from prior to the achievement of a separate homeland where we intended to live and act according to Islam, to that where we stand today.

14th August today reminds us that we are free to act and live in our own homeland as we desire but some influential figures have taken its converse. They, despite pondering over root causes, are looking to fill their pockets with black wealth. Pakistan is being used as a golden eggs laying hen by them but is being presented as a very asset less, poor and indebted state before its residents; who are always entangled in their own basic necessities in such a way that could not even have an idea of what adverse is surrounding them and where they have reached today.

But people in Pakistan have never been soulless, they are always sedulous and determined yet the current state has left no choice for them except putting in a habit to tolerate and just remain silent. What goes on is still going on, what is wrong is still wrong and all that is incorrect is still incorrect in a way the ruling class doing up with and so the powerless people are keeping up with.

But if you take yourself for a while in the era where numbers of dedicated people struggled to get a separate homeland, you will definitely learn the tactics to bring revolution once again. They were the individuals with exceptional resolution, who marked victory of independence on August 14, 1947 with their untiring efforts and attained what they desired for.Independence Day is just few days ahead, but to mark it with true spirit and to get back our lost kingdom we again need a rise to be revived!! – LUBNA KHALIL