Change It – Fight It

Change It – Fight It

It’s a shame most people don’t know why Quaid fought for Pakistan, why didn’t he just take some other area/land out of pre-partition India. This land has so much to offer, this land is rich with so many resources and minerals. Quaid knew he was hitting treasure.

Why don’t we? Honestly studying Pak-studies at 16-18 years old was a total waste. One has a very young mind, a mind which is probably more focused about getting a new mobile or wearing that purple kurta with those ‘rang barangi’ chappals. We don’t learn in the true sense of learning- the most of us don’t. We study, take an exam go home and tell our mothers to sell our note books in ‘raddi’.  But what if teaching Pak-studies was more than memorizing how the round table conferences turned out to be a failure.

What if it was to teach the importance of this land to every generation that came after Quaid-e-Azam so that they would know how to save it, value it, and fight for it. I am the third generation post Pakistan’s birth and I see that we have literally thrown away this country. One after the other horrible choices of leadership are blind-folding ourselves to the flaws around us in everyday life. In the last 4 years a lot has happened in the country. Including numerous protests regarding law, murders, suicide bombing- you name it! I ask with much irritation and annoyance why are you all quiet? Why don’t you save this country? Why don’t you care? What are you waiting for? Some angel? I’m sorry to burst your bubble, there is no angel popping from the heavens to save you.

Is it because you, your family members are safe so it’s okay? Is it because you are rich and inflation won’t stop you from a dinner in some XYZ expensive restaurant while moon market blows up into pieces? Or is it because you have a visa and the minute there is a war you will catch a plane to L.A and party away your life? Or is it because your parents are afraid to let you out on the streets where your might be killed in a stampede? I understand, everyone is not brave and that’s okay. You don’t want to be killed in a stampede- fine.

But being on the street is not the only way- to be honest when you call people to protest, rallies etc they don’t show up and if they do most of them NOT ALL are just there for media attention or because it is cool to be a great citizen these days. But you can help in so many other ways, take baby steps- for instance by exercising your voting rights, vote for a person who is fair, without criminal backgrounds or charges. If you have excess money for that XYZ restaurant then why not use it to educate a poor person. This country needs education; in fact I think it should be a law compulsory education for all at-least up to FA/FSC/ A levels (obviously the government should pay for those who can’t afford it).Be fair in your own personal dealings/profession.

If you’re a student and you can’t do anything at all the least your can do it sit and talk to your maid/guard and tell them about this country tell them that if bad times come, rich will run away and they will be in trouble so they must vote for the right person and not randomly. Tell them the importance of education for their children. At the end of the day they do make the majority of this country’s population. We are blessed with education and great media today please make good use of it. If you see wrong report it- LET IT OUT you might be surprised by the support you will get against wrong. Sitting in drawing rooms talking about it, criticizing it, would not help, I promise.

I hear the elders of my family say to my siblings, cousins to go abroad it is not safe here and they want us to have our happy individual lives but  if we all go then who is here? And isn’t that the cause of why we are today anyway because the generation before us did the same?  Running away is NOT a solution, it is cowardly. You don’t like something about the country CHANGE IT, FIGHT IT stand up, raise your voice for your life, for a great future here so that you can tell your children stay here this is the best country, because this is YOUR country.

This country needs you now, once in good hands it will give you in return much more than you can imagine but you must have the faith and will at first. And if you cannot do all this then your existence doesn’t matter you are just increasing the digits in the population slot and that’s really it. I pled; I beg this generation to care- to fight for a better tomorrow. – Ayesha Ahmad