These Merciless Killings Would Take Us To….

Drone killings, target killings, killings on the roads, killings by rangers, massive killings in bomb attacks and not the least honor killings- I am bewildered about where these merciless killings would take us finally. The current scenario Pakistanis are facing boldly is either a dark night that always annihilates to welcome a new sun or is just a sign of something totally incongruous to think – the slavery of some external power. Whatever it would be but indeed there would be an unpredictable end.Going about 71 years back, there was also a fight that too led to enormous bloodshed, deaths, assaults, murders and killings to cold blood but with a certain hope of breaking chains one day and to get a very own land to live and act freely as per Islam. The Muslim at that time were freedom expectants, they had firm faith along high spirits thus united against two big powers of the time: the Hindus and the British rule. That they did playing on the chess board of rivals and turned the tables to their own independent rule, the Pakistan. Finally they harvested their endeavors although with a great loss of their dear ones.Let’s come to the current situation now. Today, we see the same chaos around but perhaps with no hope elsewhere.

Unarmed poor men are being ruthlessly killed by Pak rangers, by unguided drone attacks, by American Consulate employee and also are beaten to death on roads by fellow men as in case of two brothers killed in Sialkot. Mothers are seen howling over unknown flash of their sons, wives getting widowed and children getting orphans. But desperately, with no consequences foreseen, no new sun thought to rise, nothing different ought to be achieved.The killings 71 years back led to an independent nation but today we are just cynical about where these merciless killings would take us to….!!! – Lubna Khalil