What every American needs to know about Israel

On June 8, 1967, Israeli forces unleashed a murderous attack that killed or wounded only a little over 200 Americans. We say “only,” because those who ordered this attack had hoped for worse. They had tried to sink an entire ship with a crew of almost 300 in which none were intended to survive — stretcher-bearers were machine-gunned and lifeboats were destroyed.This attack, like so many Israeli actions, has been largely hidden from the American public. In the following years Israel received even more US tax money than before — more than received by all the starving countries of Africa put together.Informed analysts feel that by getting away with an attack on the US Navy — later described by a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as “an act of war against the United States of America” — the Israeli government concluded that it could get away with anything.We are determined to give Americans the facts on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.We feel that the young men who were killed, maimed, injured and traumatized by Israel — and by the abandonment by their own government — deserve our help. We feel that the Israel lobby’s attacks on these men and their families are intolerable. We feel that the media manipulation and the governmental obeisance to Israel must be opposed. We feel that the mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, daughters and sons of those murdered deserve national acknowledgment of their suffering.We feel that by giving Americans the facts on the USS Liberty we will help to bring justice and peace to the Middle East.

We have created a pack of materials about this attack and the media cover-up on it containing materials that we hope people will distribute throughout the country by the thousands.We now ask you to take them to your local American Legion and VFW Posts, library, Rotary Club, college campus, etc… give them to neighbors, colleagues, family members, and friends.We have created a number of powerful materials on the USS Liberty that can be ordered individually or in “USS Liberty Packs.” – Arabnews