Osama Bin Laden Killing-An Elusive Story Plot

The killing of world’s most wanted man Osama bin Laden following a secret operation by U.S intelligence on May 1, 2011 in Abbotabad, Pakistan has opened up a Pandora box for Pakistani people yet by far the operation so carried out seems just an elusive story plot as Osama Bin Laden have so many times rumored dead.There exist so many loop holes in assassination of OBL in Pakistan one can simply think of. The first being safe escape of U.S intelligence right under the nose of Pakistan’s Central Intelligence Agency that supposedly budded the witty and covert operation endured to approach Osama Bin Laden and that within the Pakistan’s territory, the other one to shot him dead and dumping in the sea without showing notable evidences to people.One remembers Osama’s death some years ago due to illness but had been kept alive officially to seek his death in a more tragic way before the world. That so happened this time pulling Pakistan’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) towards an intensive failure and blazing exhaustive debate on it.

During his remarks at the floor of white house, President Barrack Obama said, “Tonight I can report to the American people and the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden”, but what about those Osama’s deaths earlier announced by US Secretary of State Collin Powell and US envoy to UN, Madeline Albright and also by many afghan officials. Anyways, now after Osama bin Laden has finally been declared dead why President Barrack Obama denied his corpse handing over to family and irrespective of their choice exuded him into the sea as it was the high time to showcase Osama bin Laden in front of messes to assure his death at last. But again it became elusive for common people.Where the story of Osama’s death has bewildered many, there also emerge questions about how Pakistani government could pave American intelligence entrance into the territory without being acknowledged and without taking its most front desk ally on ‘war on terror’ into confidence for such a ploy. However, the overall action thus went on proves to be a question mark on Pakistan’s sovereignty for now and for time ahead – Lubna Khalil