Moin Akhtar – An Icon Who Had Priceless Talent

Leaving a big loss for his fans and admirers, the icon with priceless talent, Moin Akhtar is though bodily not in between us but his exceptional approach for humor and life will always be there to bring smile on distressed hearts of Pakistani people.Moin Akhtar is an incomparable icon of Pakistan showbiz who ruled hearts of many across boundaries with his eternal talent. He was a dynamic performer, amazing stage actor, a witty host, sensible play writer, honoring impersonator and charismatic singer who credibly excelled in fields of comedy, acting, production and film direction. His amusing dialogues, brilliant comedy, refined humor and organized performance on stage had always been a trend setter for his followers.Due to his magnetic personality, Moin Akhtar was not only appreciated and acknowledged in Pakistan but at biggest international stages also. He, along Umar Sharif (one of the closest friends), performed in plays as such Bakra Qiston Pe and Buddha Ghar Pe Hai  on  Indian stage that rose him to more fame.

One of Moin Akhtar’s finest and versatile characters in Pakistani dramas was ‘Rozi’ that raised him to national spotlight and gained him critical acclaim.In spite of his fluency in speaking Urdu, English and Punjabi Moin Akhtar had a command over Bengali, Pashto, Sindhi, Memon and Gujarati that always reflected his eminent disguise in 400 episodes based ‘Loose Talk’ in which he used to be interviewed by Anwar Maqsood. Some of Moin Akhtar’s other renowned television shows include Show Sha, Studio Dhhaai, Studio Pone Teen, Fifty Fifty and Showtime; and drama serials Half Plate, Rozi, Bandar Road Se Keamari, Aangan Tehra, Dollar Man, and Rozi-that have considerably imprinted into our minds and souls.His priceless talent has always been considered and admired by all influential personalities worldwide including Indian legend Daleep Kumar. Owing to his achievements, Pakistani government honored Moin Akhtar with ‘Pride of Performance’ and ‘Sitara-e-Imtiaz’ in his life time and was also awarded a prestigious citizenship of Dallas in 1996.Moin Akhtar is truly a true legend and that so true legends never die…. – Lubna Khalil