Pak Vs India Semifinal – Asia’s Big Day

Enthusiastic cheers, alleged black tickets, emotional crew, spin balls mania and security alert; all are the chief concerns for Asia’s big day 30th March 2011, the day Pakistani cricket team will be on grounds of Punjab Cricket Association stadium Mohali, India to contest ICC World Cup 2011 Semi Final against Indian cricket team. The much awaited match is supposedly going to be a war like situation for both India and Pakistan termed as “mother of all clashes” and Asia’s final match for ICC world cup 2011.

Where many of our political entities are planning to support Pakistani cricket team in India, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has been invited by counterpart Manmohan Singh to attend South Asian rivals semi final match on Wednesday and to create an atmosphere of friendliness in order to control passionate situation.Nevertheless, Pakistani media too is vigorously endowing patriotism to our team through fully organized patriotic songs and appreciative media coverage to impart eternal strength and homely feeling to play zestfully as those in days of war when Pakistan brave soldiers are motivated to win and succeed. That’s why with many of these reasons Pakistani public is dying to get holiday for that big day when Pakistan is going to mark history in cricket world cup ever.

Due to its most impressive performances in ongoing match contests though the pressure on Pakistani cricket team is high yet the Indian cricket team is exposed to much threats and pressures the one being home crowd and the other being Pakistan cricket team’s top ranking during ICC world cup 2011 that all will be prayfuly more electrifying in Pakistan India World Cup Semifinal match – Lubna Khalil