Partiality for Raymond Davis not tolerated!

Pakistani citizens are not willing to tolerate any partiality for double murder accused Raymond Davis who killed two Pakistanis on road of Lahore in daylight. Whereas US consulate is demanding him back to them deeming him a diplomatic functionary.Staff member of US consulate Raymond Davis who had assassinated two Pakistani citizens on 27th January in Lahore has claimed that he did so in self defense as the two men were on way to rob him at gun point. But due to his alleged action he is under court trail and has to pass through lawful process. Well! This very case leads to a quite deep analysis of US-Pakistan relation. Just look at the case of Faysal Shahzad, a youngster; what had been done to him and that of doctor Aafia, a Pakistani citizen who has been tortured and sentenced for 8o years due to her alleged attack on US army in Afghanistan that was also in self defense but conversely the US consulate member Raymond Davis who did so is being demanded to be released by US consulate. Why this partial behavior is for Pakistani citizens always whereas US citizen stand above all rules and laws by side of US!
That’s the reason that the diplomatic showdown over Raymond Davis case by US and Pakistan needs a particular direction to be followed.The MNA of PML-N Khawaja Saad Rafique has alleged federal government that it is playing double role over the case of Raymond Davis.Talking over this in national assembly he said Pakistani government is partial for foreigners but Punjab government is not going to release Raymond Davis as being accused of Pakistanis murders. He also added “We should tell US if their courts are free and they cannot release Aafia then Pakistani courts are also free and they will decide the fate of Davis.” Also, the MNA Atya Anayatullah from PML-Q remarked that after drone attacks, US had now started killing Pakistanis on roads in major cities.Looking at these some statements, if US consulate wants to consolidate relation with Pakistan then they must handover Raymond Davis case under judicial system of Pakistan and should stop asking his release – Lubna Khalil