Need to reconsider!

Religious events in Pakistan often pass peacefully as it is accustomed nowadays to get macabre on sacred occasions around. The recent blasts at Ghora Chowk, Lohari Gate near Urdu bazaar and in Karachi aimed so to create panic with horrible bloodshed.The day of chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) carried with urs of Hazrat Ali Hajvery (RA) witnessed a teen age boy blowing himself at picket prior entering to procession. He detonated his bomb packed vest near Urdu bazaar that was at short distance from entering point to the procession, killing 10 and injuring almost 85 people there. Now that of Karachi where a suicide bomber banged with his explosive-laden motorbike directly into the police van in the Milar 15 area of Karachi that killed 2 along wounding 4. These two recent bomb blasts are just glimpse of past gruesome destruction that had ruined so many families, their loved ones and state property that so happened this time too.Many such holy reverence of Pakistanis turn into brutal annihilations and loss soaking citizens into depth of incurable grief and panic. It is wondering here that amid tight security and number of guarding officials such blowers hardly succeeded exploding themselves carrying 10-12 kgs of explosive material altogether. Question here is that from where did a teen age boy piled up that much courage and provocation that blew himself! It is quite vivid that he must had some supporters and financers but from where do they are found! Many such questions rise after each suicide bomb blast as it is always claimed that skull is found and have been sent to forensic laboratory for identification. Though many have been sent already but no reports are known publically leaving citizens more curious and worried cementing pave for anti government approach. Government for sure has devised policy to fight against terrorism elements but the process seems so slow that may be implicated when Pakistani people would totally leave relying on tight security and their precautionary measures for which Pakistani government needs to reconsider soon – Lubna Khalil