Jack Straw and rape

Jack Straw, a minister in the Blair government who relayed to Britain the news about the mythical WMDs in Iraq, has now revealed another truth. This is about the so-called Pakistani cultural problem of rape.Former foreign secretary says that some Pakistani men are preying on white girls, because they are “easy meat.” Apart from the inherent problem of stereotyping an entire community based on the actions of a few, the statistics show that an overwhelming number of rapists comes from the indigenous white population.What about the serial killers who are predominantly from the white population? Does this mean the entire white community has a case to answer?

One must also ask what Jack Straw was implying about the white girls. Why are they available in the first place as “easy meat”?  Why are those girls roaming the streets leaving themselves exposed to being exploited by rapists? The rapists are not selective about race. Those Pakistani men would not pass the opportunity if their victims were Asians or of any other race.Therefore, the issue of rape is not about race or culture, but the values of the perpetrators.Now is a good time to reflect and consider the Islamic viewpoint on rape, which would argue that if you really cared about those women, you would punish the perpetrators adequately. Under Shariah laws, rape is an act of war against society; those men would have been executed in public. This is why rape is rare in any Islamic society that is governed by the Shariah laws and Islamic values.In contrast, the liberal laws of a free society implicitly encourages rape and it is such laws that are barbaric from the point of view of the victims – Arabnews