Benazir Bhutto’s assassination mystery still unresolved

27 December, It’s the day of heartfelt cries and tears, the day when a huge number of supporters and promoters of Benazir Bhutto sink into utmost grief and woe. Its anniversary of our beloved leader and former Prime Minister of Pakistan people’s party (PPP) Benazir Bhutto, the day when she left millions of hopeful eyes that waited for a truthful transformation in Pakistan since a decade.Country lost this valor and motivated leader dismally on 27th December 2007, the day that marked history with her ruthless assassination in Rawalpindi three years ago. She was heading the campaign of election due in January 2008 when shot in a political relay at Liaqat National Bagh and declared dead at Rawalpindi General Hospital.

Initial police reports stated that one or more assassins were fired at BB whereas according to Getty Images photographer John Moore, Bhutto was standing through her vehicle’s sunroof to wave at her supporters, and fell back inside after two gunshots, though the reports indicated she had been hit by the shrapnel. At the same day Pakistan’s interior minister stated that Bhutto died of a skull fracture sustained when the force of the explosion caused her head to strike the sunroof of the vehicle. Follow up investigations by Scotland Yard revealed that gunshots were not the cause of death; explosion caused her head striking into the roof of vehicle.The crime scene was also washed off immediately before any forensic examination could be completed and before burial no formal examination was performed. Moreover, the autopsy was denied by Rawalpindi Chief of Police. Later Bhutto’s husband, current President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari confirmed that he denied the request for autopsy citing fears that the report could be manipulated.

In United Nation’s report of UN fact-finding mission for Benazir Murder Case, The commission headed by Heraldo Munoz, the U.N. representative from Chile, comments, “Bhutto’s assassination could have been prevented if adequate security measures had been taken.” It also says: “The commission believes that the failure of the police to investigate effectively Ms. Bhutto’s assassination was deliberate.” Also, “The officials, in part fearing intelligence agencies’ involvement, were unsure of how vigorously they ought to pursue actions, which they knew as professionals, they should have taken.”Looking at many of these facts the assassination of late Benazir Bhutto seems mystery that is still unresolved and waiting for truthful disposition – Lubna Khalil