Chile’s Govt Works To Re-Establish Connectivity In Quake-Affected Zone

Chile’s government set to work on Monday repairing roads and restoring electricity to southern regions affected by a major earthquake that struck on Christmas Day, frightening thousands but resulting in no fatalities or major damage.

Chile’s govt works to re-establish connectivity in quake-affected zone

The quake, a magnitude 7.6 centered off Chiloe Island northwest of Patagonia, caused thousands in the tourism and salmon farming region to evacuate to higher ground amid fears of a tsunami. A tsunami never materialized however and, thanks to strict building codes in the earthquake-prone nation, structural damage was light.

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By Sunday night, almost all Chileans had returned to their homes. The quake did, however, cause at least one bridge collapse, cut power to 21,000 Chileans, and severed sections of the island’s major highway. -dailytimes