Three arrested for $500,000 robbery

Three arrested for $500,000 robbery

DUBAI — The Dubai Police have succeeded in arresting three Russian nationals within eight hours after they allegedly stole $500,000 from a general trading and money exchange company. The arrested include a staff of the company.

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations, said that the police officials and patrols have acted fast after the Operations Room of the Dubai Police received information about the theft on March 13 at 11.30am. He said that the woman director of the firm located in the Naif area complained to the police that she was attacked by two criminals and 500,000 dollars were stolen from the firm. According to her complaint she was in the locker room of the company, located in the second floor of the buildings when she heard knock at the door.

To her query, the visitors answered that they were customers of the company to make her open the door. The suspects slapped her and assaulted her with a taser. The electric shock made her unconscious, after which the suspects tied her up with a telephone cable. They took the money from the safe and fled, she told the police. After regaining her consciousness, she informed the police, and gave full descriptions of the offenders.

 Immediately, the police moved to the site to see the woman in a bad condition and the safe open. She told the police that she kept the money in the safe the previous evening. Based on the information given by her, the company staff were questioned, said Al Mansouri, adding that the police felt that one of the staff members was giving contradictory statements regarding his movements on the day before. On thorough interrogation, he admitted to planning the robbery with two accomplices. The suspect told the police that he provided information about some customers to his accomplices, but said he knew nothing about the whereabouts of the other suspects.

 The police launched an investigation and found out that both the suspects were seen in a hotel in Al Rifaa area, carrying a bag. The police team raided their room and arrested them while they were dividing the money. Part of the amount was found hidden under the table and the bathroom. – Khaleejtimes