Intelligent transport system in Abu Dhabi

Displays of Dynamic Messaging Signs (DMS) and additional closed circuit TV cameras are features that have been incorporated into the Integrated Intelligent Transportation System in Abu Dhabi, the Department of Transport (DoT) said.

For the future, the ITS strategy will also include dynamic en-route car navigation, web and mobile phone information services, and more traffic management systems that will increase the safety aspects along limited-access highways in the Abu Dhabi metropolitan region.

Also in line for inclusion are systems for information on the weather, speed advisories and parking details on the rural routes as well in the emirate, the DoT added.

The ITS utilises advanced communications and information technologies to move people and goods in a faster, safer and more efficient manner and include a number of services that will help ease problems of congestion, insufficient transport infrastructure, increasing emissions and growing customer needs.

The project has to offer significant benefits to Abu Dhabi’s transportation operations and associated economic, environmental and social initiatives and the creation of Abu Dhabi Transportation Management Centre, the DoT added.

The architectural strategy of the ITS systems divides initiatives into six programme packages, which include Regional Active Traffic Management and Information (ATM), Urban Traffic Optimisation Management and Information, Public Transport Management and Information, Road Works Management and Information, Freight Management, and Integrated Operations.

Incorporating a wide range of advanced communication tools, sensors and information processing technologies, ITS applications will be of great benefit to both concerned departments and the public.

Eng. Khalid Mohamed Hashim, executive director of land transport at DoT, said: “We are confident that the implementation of the ITS strategy in the emirate will result in many benefits, including a reduction in the number of road crashes, improvements in speed limit compliance, and a diminishing of greenhouse emissions,” Hashim said.
Abu Dhabi Transportation management centre

The Abu Dhabi Transportation Management Centre (ADTMC) will be built according to the best international practices and will provide consolidated and integrated operations facilities.

Such facilities have the ability to accommodate traffic, public transport operations and safety, and dispatch and operations personnel from different governmental agencies.

Operating 24 hours a day throughout the entire year, the ADTMC will be responsible for the integration of regional and urban traffic management, public transport management and operations, traveller information and coordinated incident and emergency management in the transportation network.

The ADTMC will also serve as a nerve centre for network activities in Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain, Al Gharbia and other locations in the Emirate as developed.

DoT will have full responsibility for the integrated operations of highways, major streets and traffic signals, and public transport services (bus, metro, rail and water transport), with full coordination with other governmental agencies in particular Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters – Khaleejtimes