Kerry to Meet PM Today, Despite Accident in India

US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday despite being involved in a minor accident as his motorcade headed to the airport at the end of his visit to India, the PM’s spokesperson said.

John Kerry Pictures

“During the drive to the airport in Ahmedabad, India, two cars in the motorcade had a minor traffic accident resulting in some damage to both cars,” Kerry’s spokesperson Jen Psaki said in a statement “Secretary Kerry was in the first of the two vehicles. He sustained no injuries nor did any staff or personnel. One vehicle was switched out and the motorcade proceeded to the airport without further incident.” 

Clarifying, Psaki told reporters on Kerry’s plane that he did not get out of his car and that the vehicle switched out was the one behind him. Kerry was in India to participate in an international investment conference, and to prepare for President Barack Obama’s trip to the country later this month. The US Secretary of State John Kerry is due in Islamabad today for a crucial round of strategic dialogue with Pakistan in the wake of the drawdown of foreign forces from Afghanistan. -tribune