CNS Admiral Noman Bashir performs commissioning of 3rd F-22 P Frigate PNS Saif

SHANGHAI, (APP): Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir while performing the commissioning of the third F-22P frigate, PNS SAIF here on Wednesday said that it is indeed a proud moment for both Pakistan and China, where like first and second, the third  F-22P frigate is also being delivered ahead of schedule.   “It is an extra ordinary achievement when looked at the technical complexities of this mega project”, said CNS Admiral Noman Bashir  while addrerssing an impressive ceremony that was largely attended including  President CSSC, Senior Officers from Pakistan and PLA Navies, Senior Management of SASTIND, CSSC, Hudong Shipyard and CSTC.
Congratulating Pakistan and PLA Navies, CSTC and Hudong Shipyard and CNO (China) teams for their successful joint efforts Admiral Bashir also congratulated the Commanding Officer Captain Zubair Shafique and his crew for their contribution.
“May Allah bless PNS SAIF and all those who sail in it” he said.
Admiral Noman Bashi said that no doubt, this feat has been achieved through focused approach at all levels of management and total cooperation between PLA (Navy), SASTIND, CSSC, Hudong Shipyard and CSTC.
He pointed out that it would not be out of place here to reaffirm that Pak-China relationship is unique and does not draw any parallel in the world.
This relationship, the CNS said over the years has matured in all fields, particularly in defence.
“Present geo-political situation demands further strengthening of our relations and I assure you, that Pakistan is deeply committed to achieve our shared objectives”, the CNS observed.
Admiral Noman Bashir said that the environment around us warrants Pakistan Navy to be prepared to counter the forces, challenging our sovereignty as well as regional peace and security.
“I am confident that induction of these ships will not only supplement our combat potential but will also afford Pakistan Navy the opportunity to distinctly uphold its forward presence in area of interest, contributing to balance the power equation in the region” said Admiral Noman Bashir.
“Let me say that today I feel contended to see the project progressing smoothly” said Admiral Noman Bashir adding that the commissioning of PNS SAIF concludes the construction phase of F-22P ships in China.
He expressed the confidence that the construction of 4th F-22P Ship in Pakistan will also be accomplished successfully with full cooperation of Chinese friends. – App