‘Huge Explosion’ Rocks Afghanistan’s Capital

A powerful explosion has rocked the Afghan capital Kabul killing at least one person, sending huge plume of smoke and disrupting morning rush hour. Initial reports suggested that the explosion on Tuesday morning targeted a foreign convoy near the US embassy compound.

Afghanistan's capital
‘Huge explosion’ rocks Afghanistan’s capital

The Taliban claimed responsibility via a recognised Twitter account, AFP news agency reported. The blast tore through cars on the main airport road near the embassy, leaving them tangled hunks of metal. A witness told Reuters news agency that he saw the dead body of at least one foreigner in a uniform lying at the scene. Ambulances rushed to the scene within minutes of the explosion, which came just after 8 AM local time. 

“We are in the middle of a political crisis here,” Al Jazeera’s Jennifer Glasse, reporting from Kabul, said. “It’s very tense here, and we have a population that is waiting who will be the next president.” In recent months, the Taliban has targeted several government facilities in the war-torn country, which is still grappling with a political impasse following a contested presidential election between Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani. -aljazeera