Dramatic moment Runaway Horse threw its Rider who Almost Landed on Toddler in Buggy

Dramatic moment Runaway Horse threw its Rider who Almost Landed on Toddler in Buggy

  • Terrifying incident at Dunster Castle Country Fair near Minehead, Somerset
  • Horse bolted towards crowds, throwing rider onto car bonnet, then child
  • Sleeping youngter was tipped out of pushchair inches from horse’s hooves
  • Incredibly no-one was seriously hurt in the incident at the annual fair
Dunster Castle Incident
The rider was sent flying into a pushchair when her horse charged into a crowd at the Dunster Country Fair

A sleeping toddler was hurled out of her pushchair and narrowly missed being crushed by a runaway horse at a family country fair. As these astonishing pictures show, the horse bolted and threw its rider, who landed next to the child within inches of the horse’s hooves.

Polo Match Incident
Terrifying: The sleeping child’s buggy was upended and the toddler thown out when the rider was thrown off

The near-tragedy occurred at the Dunster Country Fair in Somerset when an overexcited animal charged into the crowd which included children and pensioners in deckchairs. Gilly Davidson was photographing the event at Dunster Castle near Minehead when she spotted the black horse charging off.

Terrifying incident
The rider landed next to the small child after being tipped onto the roof of a parked Land Rover

She said: ‘I could see there could be problems when the horse started to go. ‘It bolted towards the perimeter where the spectators were and threw the rider off. She went over its head and onto the bonnet of a parked Land Rover.

Polo Incident
Astonishingly no-one was hurt in the incident at the country fair in Somerset on July

‘Then she fell off into a pushchair with a sleeping child in next to the car.

‘The child fell on to the floor while the horse was kicking and rearing just inches away from it.

‘The hooves were just a matter of inches from it.’

Sports Incident
The rider managed to cling on to the horse’s reins despite being hurled off – thankfully no-one was injured

No-one was injured in the incident on July 24, which happened during the 35th Dunster Country Fair – a popular event for families. Attractions included a falconry display, hound show, equestrian events and archery. – Dailymail